May 26, 2009 Customized Marketing

5 Important Apps

What are the five most important apps (not built in) that your couldn’t live without on your iPhone or iPod Touch?  In no particular order, here is our answer.

  • Tweetie – best twitter app and very useful additional tools
  • Newsstand – RSS Reader which integrates with Twitter and email
  • WifiTrak – this is the most reliable and feature rich wifi app
  • Evernote – keep track of snippets of code and other important info
  • Things – to do list for Getting Things Done

What about you?

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  1. My five most important iPhone apps:
    1) Tweetie – After using many Twitter apps, I’ve settled on this one for good!
    2) WordPress app – Post to blogs from my iPhone
    3) WhitePages – Easily find business phone numbers without having to call information.
    4) Thumbtacts – Go through your contacts with one finger. Hard to explain, check it out.
    5) Magic8ball – I use it to make all my important marital and business decisions.

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