July 5, 2010 Customized Marketing

Losing the Weight – Part II

This is an update to Part I of this topic…

As mentioned, I got the Macbook Air despite my qualms.  Now, after 2 months of using this sexy featherweight, I am even happier with the purchase.  I have been traveling a great deal, and I can stick it inside the carry on bag in a neoprene sleeve.  Pops in and out at security.

I thought I would still continue to bring the MB Pro 15″ to the office so I had a little more juice and the larger screen, but lo and behold, that Air goes everywhere with me.  In fact, the MacBook Pro 15 has essentially become my desktop computer and I never even unplug it from the Dell 24″ Ultrasharp monitor (still waiting for the Apple 27″ LCD).  If I am computing around the house, the featherlight Air is the computer of choice.  It is speedy with the solid state drive (don’t consider not getting that!) and performance is great for such a little dynamo.

Here is how I travel with the air:

  • Air in neoprenene sleeve by inCase this is great since super thin and light.  You can get through airport security without removing from the sleeve as mentioned above.  If you do pack cables or accessories with the computer, you will have to remove it from the case.
  • Mouse – Apple Magic Mouse – nice bluetooth slim companion.
  • USB flash drive, portable SD card reader
  • Charging cable for phone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • A/C adapter (don’t forget this!)

To summarize, I was infatuated with the Air when I first got it, but now it is True Love!

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