May 25, 2009 Customized Marketing

New Dummies Resource

Web Marketing for Dummies is a must read!  We were impressed by this economical, great resource for all internet marketers in this new release by Ian Lurie and 5 other authors.  It is actually 8 books in 1.  Some information is very basic (which is a great help to newbies), while other hints are appropriate for internet marketers who have not specialized in a particular area.  A $25 Google Adwords credit is included, so essentially you can get the book for free!  Frankly, it would have been a deal with only one of the 8 books.

The book includes sections on search engine optimization, web analytics, email marketing, blogging and more.   Each section has tips, warnings, and examples of real world uses.  The illustrations are helpful and assist in making the book easy to read.  The book is chock full of tips that you can use instantly.

This is certainly the heaviest paperback I have ever owned with 893 pages!  That is a criticism as well as a compliment.  Appreciate having all the information in one place, but would have preferred it in 2 volumes to be able to tote easier.  Of course, there is a solution to this.  Get the Kindle version!

In summary, this should be the one book that anyone attempting to do business on the internet should have as a desktop reference.

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