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Apple Customer Service

 Purchasing my iPad involved good and bad customer service at my

Once I finally decided to purchase an  iPad, I found out that it was almost impossible to get one quickly.  I ordered on line (said 7-10 days before it shipped with no expedited options).  I also went into the Apple store and ordered one.  That is a great system.  When it comes in, they email you and you have 24 hours to claim it.  It only took 48 hours to get my email – ” Congratulations your 64GB Wifi iPad is here”.  Wow – that was fast.  Canceled the online order and headed to the Apple Store.  Good customer service, but then, I had my first truly awful experience at the Apple Store.  It started out when I mentioned that the sync cord looked the same as the iPod.   She said, “no, it is different”.  I said “it looks the same”.  She said, “it is different inside”.  Huh?

They said in the email that they could help you set up your email, etc.  I decided to take advantage of this since I have never had trouble getting my email on my Touch, but have had terrible problems with sending email.  She proceeded to try to help me, and could not get it working..  I asked if she could get someone else to help, and she returned from the back saying that Road Runner email won’t work in the store – just at my house.  I said that I had problems with my email on the Touch even at home, and didn’t plan to spend $700 for an iPad where I couldn’t send email.  We then proceeded to try a pop email account from my website.  That didn’t work either.    She seemed reluctant to get any help, suggested that I call Apple from home???  I said fine, but I want something in writing that says that if I can’t get the email to send, I could return the iPad without a restocking charge.  She said – “Okay, Mike (store manager) knows about this”.  I said I needed it in writing.  She went to the back and returned with his business card with nothing written on it.  Wow – I am sure that would have really helped me.  🙂   At this point, I asked to speak with Mike.  After a short wait, Mike arrived and did not appear to know anything about the situation.  He was nice and got a Genius to help me.  The store had closed at this point (I was there 45 minutes thus far), so the Genius (who was knowledgeable) was able to give me some quick help so that I could finish at home.  I asked him about the sync cord, which he confirmed WAS the same as the iPod Touch.  So, in the end, I was okay, but it ruined my previously unmarred impression of my “happy place”.  iPad review is up next.

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