February 28, 2010 Customized Marketing

Quickie Post Housekeeping

Don't Post So Quickly That You Forget to....  What is the biggest problem with the

Don’t Post So Quickly That You Forget to….

What is the biggest problem with the “quickie post”?  It is the few little things that the author might forget to do from a housekeeping standpoint that hinder the SEO of a site or embarrass you later.  So you decided to do a really quick post on the run (or by mobile).  You enter the text and add an image perhaps, and think you are good to go.


Did you check your permlink (especially if you fiddled with your title)?  Add a category?  Add your tags?  Check your spelling (come on – that one is easy, and we all make typos, so don’t skip this)?  Modify anything necessary in All in One SEO?

Just for laughs and giggles, look at your Edit Posts list and see how many post are missing tags or categories.  Can you all raise your hands and say that you have nothing missing?

Housekeeping aside, a clean blog is a good blog.

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