February 6, 2011 Customized Marketing

Totally Changed my Tune on the iPad

Although I gave the iPad a mediocre review at first, I now admit, that I am an iPad fanatic.

Although I gave the iPad a mediocre review at first, I now admit, that I am an iPad fanatic.  You may wonder what made me change my mind.  The first is that I upgraded to a version with 3G.  This makes all the difference in that you aren’t always trying to get on wifi and enter passwords as you move about.  When traveling, it is superb.  Check all email just before the flight attendant closes the cabin door, and stay in touch constantly.

The second thing is setting up the iPad well enough to make it fully functional.  This includes using your calendar, and integrating work and personal email.  Getting the appropriate productivity tools, books and some fun videos and games makes it a total entertainment device.  Many iPad specific apps came out since i first wrote my review and many of them are stunning.  I am a definite “app hog”, but rely on some way more than others.  Have many pages of apps, but the home screen is where I operate most.  If you click on the picture above, you will be able to see the apps I use most.  I also save a few website pages as shortcuts so I don’t have to take the extra steps to go to them via safari.

The most important changed happened a few weeks after I got the iPad.  I finally got a decent case and it made all the differnce in the world.  Without that case, I was always feeling like I would drop the iPad.  The case made it so much friendlier!

So, to make a long story short, I now love my iPad so much I rarely go anywhere without it!

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