August 9, 2009 Customized Marketing

20 Articles to Build Your Twitter Success

Here are a variety of articles (including some oldies) about Twitter including advice for business use, getting more followers and becoming a success on Twitter.

Besides being fun, twitter can enhance your business through customer service, branding and name recognition.  and don’t forget that there are some SEO benefits of twitter.  Be sure to link your website in your profile.

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  2. The idea of Twitter is quite simple: bring the notion of mobile SMS to the cyberspace. The cell phone market was noticing a steep decline in voice communication and a huge increase in text messaging and instant messaging.That’s why people today are now taking advantage of Twitter by promoting their products or to advertise their businesses. You can even use Twitter to promote your web page or site in order for you to generate targeted traffic flowing into your site and start earning some money.

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