June 12, 2009 Customized Marketing

10 Steps to a Successful WordPress Upgrade

Before doing the upgrade, be sure to do these ten things.

Before doing the upgrade, be sure to do these ten things:

  1. Make a complete backup including your theme.
  2. Perform any updates that WordPress notes to your plugins.
  3. Check the compatibility of your plugins.  This site is useful as is this WordPress site.
  4. Deactivate all plugins
  5. Check the compatibility of your theme.  This site is useful.
  6. If there are theme compatibility issues, check for fixes from the theme developer.
  7. FTP the updated files (be sure you don’t overwrite customizations).
  8. Perform the automatic update to 2.8 from within WordPress
  9. Reactivate only the compatible plugins.
  10. Check any plugins that were not listed as compatible or having known problems, by activating one at a time.


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  1. If you have used a number of plugins, it would be advisable to try it this way. You can still use the upgrade button, but will have less of a chance of fatal errors. Many themes and plugins required a new version to work with 2.8.

  2. This article is particularly useful for those who want to simply click the “upgrade” button. It is so important to backup your WordPress database before doing this just in case something goes awry!

  3. I have just upgrade my personal blog to 2.8.2. It’s very easy but the most important thing is to backup before upgrading!

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