June 6, 2010 Customized Marketing

No More iPad Envy

Sad, but true - I finally succumbed to the iPad.  This is not your normal iPad lovefest.

Sad, but true – I finally succumbed to the iPad.  This is not your normal iPad lovefest review, but it may help you make a decision about purchasing an iPad.

I resisted for a LONG time (at least for me).  This started by convincing myself that I really didn’t need an iPad since I like to travel light and was happy with my iPod Touch and MacBook Air.  For those who can travel without a computer, the iPad is great, but I need to be able to access corporate VPN, do website work and unfortunately, I need a computer for that.

Once I finally decided to purchase, I found out that it was almost impossible to get one quickly, and had both a good and bad experience, but that is the topic of another blog post ( 🙁 – my first bad experience in my “happy place”).

What I love:

  • Video is spectacular
  • Words With Friends is so much better than on the iPod Touch
  • Photos
  • Web Surfing

What is suprising:

  • It is turning out to be a good “at home gadget”
  • Really enjoy using when on the ellipical
  • The lack of good apps (not using an iPod app at 2x size with lousy resolution).
  • iBooks is a very elegant app

What needs improvement:

  • Availability of decent cases – supposedly the Apple one is good, but mine has been on order for a couple of weeks, and haven’t received yet.
  • Not that much easier to transport than the Macbook Air, with a lot of sacrifice of applications
  • Multitasking
  • Need books at a reasonable price and more selection

What are your thoughts on the iPad?

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  1. All the points you raise are correct. Except the title of your article.
    I have had my iPad since early May and what striked me first is that it was not a replacement of neither the netbook, the pc or a laptop. Mostly because you cannot properly work on an iPad. You enjoy entertainment content. It is a new type of device that didn’t exist before. It is simply a device to surf the web (either through Safari or through apps) that you leave on your coffee table. It is much more a replacement to the magazines than it is a to a laptop. Mine has not left my apartment since I bought it. It doesn’t need to.
    The iPad, or similar devices, will be in everyone’s homes in 3 or 4 years time. It is just something that people will have like they have a TV or a washing machine today. To have access to online and digital content.
    It just completely change the way we access online/digital content and the apps is only the future of web browsing. At this pace, Safari on iPad could possibly disappear from the iPad in few years time.
    The lack of iPad apps vs iPhone? The developer’s kit has been available since April only. Be fair.
    Multitasking? We now know it will be released in November this year.
    MacBook Air? 3.5 times more battery life and much either to operate for what it is supposed to do.
    It is a wonderful piece. I spent USD700 on it and there is not one day I regret the investment.
    Fabrice Burtin – fabriceburtin.com

    • Fabrice, thanks for the comments. I actually like the iPad more especially since my Apple case came in. Like you I have not taken it out of the house yet, Now if we could get a Facebook app that takes advantage of iPad’s abilities, would be better. 🙂

  2. they either need an account on the vpn endpoint (firewall or router) or in your domain, if it’s the domain account you need to set up your vpn endpoint to use radius to authinticate. then you’ll need to make sure the laptops/pda’s have the cisco vpn client on them (free DL from cisco if you have a CCO account with them) unless your using the easy web vpn in which case on the vpn client you just need them to hit the website that your vpn endpoint hosts.

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